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Key Benefits by Partnering with the
Preferred On-Site Property Manager

“Take it from a guy who managed his own unit for 10 years...RHA is the only property manager that couples a handsome profit year over year without any additional effort or headaches associated with owning and managing a vacation rental. I used to spend my vacation running to the hardware store and spending all my spare time maintaining my unit. Now when I come to Maui, I sit back, relax, and enjoy my time at the Mana Kai, while RHA does all the work“— Jim Nugent, Owner - 512


Before considering managing your Mana Kai Maui (MKM) condo as a vacation rental yourself with VRBO or outsource to any other property management company, take a close look at the Resort Hotels Associates Limited Partnership (RHA) the preferred on-site Property Manager for MKM owners. 44 owners currently entrust the management of their condo to RHA. Why? The key to their success stems from building a loyal customer base that returns year after year to experience what has become their home away from home. The RHA staff prides themselves by ensuring each guest is welcomed into the Mana Kai Maui Ohana (“family”) during their entire stay.
RHA maintains an AAA - 3 Diamond rating which guarantees that guests experience daily maid

service, an on-site maintenance team for emergency repairs, and daily linen and towel services. No other management company or owner can provide such a high level of customer services because no other management company is located on-site to respond to your guests every need.

Key benefits to RHA Limited Partners

No Management Commission or Fees

Partnership profits are split amongst LPs equally. There are no fees or charges for management services.

Highest Occupancy All Year Round 

By offering 5 types of rooms, standard at different price ranges to our guests, RHA can say yes to most reservation requests. As a result, RHA occupancy is over 82% during peak season and averages over 76% year round. Income is based on overall occupancy of the room category—not on owner's individual condo occupancy.  Even during non-peak months, you receive income whether your individual condo was booked, or not. Income is based on the occupancy of the overall category.

Site Specific Marketing

Unlike any other management companies, the RHA focuses exclusively on marketing one property...yours. The RHA on-site marketing team is intimately aware of what makes Mana Kai Maui a most unique and beautiful property—and has the proven track record in getting the word out. Over 44% of RHA bookings are made directly by travelers, maximizing the profit to the owners by minimizing the need to pay commissions or fees to wholesalers or travel agents. The website supports multiple languages as well as mobile, tablet, and social media. Additional marketing is leveraged through travel agents, wholesalers, and through TripAdvisor, Expedia, and other online-travel websites. There is no better marketing platform for your MKM condo than RHA’s.

Get PAID when you stay!
Get paid each and every month!
As an owner, you receive a complimentary two-week-stay each year. During this time, and any time you stay, you continue to receive your monthly income from the rental pool. After your complimentary two-week stay, your out-of-pocket-expenses are minimized with reduced owner's rates—and you continue to receive the monthly profits of the partnership.


No charge amenity repair or replacement 

You won’t get nickel and dimed when RHA manages your unit. Minor repairs such as cleaning, painting or furniture repair along with amenity replacement and upgrades such as TVs, toasters, dishes, and linens are included up to $750 per item.

Exclusive Owner Website

Access to rental program website ( containing valuable owner information. Once you become an owner, this information and password will be given to you.

On-site Maintenance Staff 

The maintenance team can respond promptly to any repairs or problems keeping your unit operational and generating revenue year round.

Housekeeping Service

Housekeepers are able to look out for damages daily to ensure that guests are having a good experience and to keep wear and tear on your unit to a minimum - keeping more profit in your pocket.

Owner’s Referral Commission

Does your management company ever pay you when you refer a client? RHA pays a 15% commission back to you, the owner, when you refer a guest to stay at the MKM.

Monthly Newsletter 

A monthly newsletter (Trade Winds) is distributed monthly via eblast and regular containing rental revenue draws, updates and message from our General Manager.

On-Site Laundry

RHA manages our own laundry department for all linens and towels. RHA provides guests clean sheets, linens, and beach towels daily and in a convenient and cost-effective fashion.

Limit losses during AOAO renovation projects 

Upcoming spalling repairs may take your unit out of service for several days or weeks during the repairs. That’s revenue you will never receive. RHA limited partners continue to benefit from profits while their units are not available.


Taxes are easy

GET and TAT taxes are paid by RHA as they are incurred. As with any partnership, you receive a K-1 at the end of year itemizing your share of the partnership returns. Any capital expenditures are itemized for your tax preparer.

Monthly Statements

You receive a monthly statement around the 20th of the month that includes your share of the profits from the prior month, referred to as the owners draw.

Utilities and AOAO Maintenance 

Utilities and the AOAO Maintenance Fees are paid by RHA on behalf of the limited partners.

Added Value Guest Amenities 

Owners and guests receive complimentary WIFI access, The Surf Shack, 808 General Store, Activities Desk and coming in late 2023 Beach House by the Merriman Group. Guests can also reserve a rental car through our reservations office.

RHA Limited Partners have seen record returns over the past 5 years. Stop by the front desk and/or contact our Membership Team and begin earning more for your investment.
Move your MKM unit to the RHA rental pool today!
Recruiting Committee

Juliet DeGuzman Calpo

Director of Sales & Marketing

(808) 879-1561 ext. 2005

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